Most Commonly Used Commands:

  • /stats
  • /rpgstats
  • /lvl all
  • /skill <Name Of Skill>

Guild Commands:

  • /f create ( Faction Name ) <--- Creates A Faction.
  • /f invite ( Player Name ) <--- Invites a Player To The Faction.
  • /f claim <--- Claims The Region Where You Stand.
  • /f map <--- Shows An Ascii Map That Shows The Current Neutral Lands And Conquered Lands.

Chest Commands:

  • /cp 1 <--- The Chest, Container Or Dispenser You Will Drop From Now On Will Be Public.
  • /cp 2 <--- The Chest, Container Or Dispenser You Will Drop From Now On Will Be Private.
  • /cp 3 <name1> <name2> <etc> <--- Only The Listed Names Can Use The Chest, Container Or Dispenser You Will Drop From Now.
  • /cp 4 <group1> <group2><etc> <---- Only The Listed Groups Can Use The Chest, Container Or Dispenser You Will Drop From Now.


  • /lvl all <--- Shows You A List Of Your Ability Levels Along With EXP.
  • /lvl unlocks <Ability> <--- Shows How Much Restrictions You Have Unlocked For That Specific Ability. ( I.E. Level 5 Mining Lifts The Restriction To Use A Stone Pickaxe )
  • /lvl notify <--- Shows Exp Gain. ( Note: Not Very Useful. It Will Spam Your Screen. )
  • /lvl shout <Ability> <--- Shows Off Your Ability Level Throughout The Server.


  • /stats <--- Shows You A List Of All Your Skill Levels.
  • /<Skill Name> <--- Shows You A Detailed Information About A Certain Skill. I.E. /mining, /Acrobatics, /Axes, /Swords

( Note: This Command Does Not Work For Abilities. Only Skills. Further Explanation At The End. )

  • /party <name> <--- Creates A Party.
  • /invite <name> <--- Invites A Player To Your Party.
  • /accept <--- Accepts A Party Invitation.
  • /ptp <Party Member's Name> <--- Teleports To Your Party Member's Location


  • /rpgstats <--- Shows Your Class, Current Level, EXP And Statistic Points
  • /class <--- Shows The Class List/
  • /class <Name Of Class> <--- Picks The Class.
  • /classchange <Name Of Class> <--- Changed Your Class. ( Reduces Your Current Exp By Half.)
  • /skill <--- Shows You A List Of Your Obtained Skills
  • /skill <Name Of Skill> <--- Activates The Selected Skill.
  • /points <--- Shows How Much Stat Points You Currently Have
  • /add <1 Or 2> <Amount> <--- Add's Stat Points To Your Primary Or Secondary Stats.

1 = Primary ( Add For More Damage And Mana Pool Per Level For Certain Classes )

2 = Secondary ( Add For More Defense Against All Attacks, Excluding Spells )

  • /xp <--- Shows Current And Next Levels EXP.


Against Mobs:

  • /ma join <--- Joins The Mob Arena Lobby
  • /ma leave <--- Leaves The Mob Arena
  • /ma spec <--- Spectates The Current Arena Fight!

Against Other Players:

  • /fight <--- Fight In The Arena!
  • /fight leave <--- Leaves The Current Fight
  • /fight watch <--- Spectate Some Awesome PvP!


  • /pvp kdr <--- Display total kills and deaths.
  • /pvp karma <--- Display current Karma level and Karma level to be an Outlaw.
  • /pvp outlaws <--- List current Outlaws.


  • /hunt <--- used to sign up for the event. Inactive if you have disabled signing up.
  • /huntstatus <--- will display status of the plugin (counting or not counting), current player score and optionally time until counting stops
  • /huntscore <--- will display player's personal highscore.

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