What Does This Server Have?Edit

I have only actually played Minecraft for about A week. no joke. When I first found out about it on Youtube and watched a few episodes of people making they're little adventures. it seemed amusing so I had to try it out. When i finally got myself the game. I go so caught up into it i spent 18 hours playing it without break. That's when i knew. I had to make a server for me and my friends to play on!

But after adventuring out for about 2 days straight We eventually... Ran out of stuff to do. So we joined a different server, and it opened my eyes. the possiblities with Minecraft is endless! I HAD to Mod my server and the first thing that came to my mind is PvP!

So here's a list of what you can expect in this server!

  • PvP Based Survival Free Build Server! ( I know it sounds crazy right? ). The initial starting area is the only place where you CANT Build. but everywhere else is free mans land.
  • Class System, RPG System, Leveling System, Skills And Abilities! This Server is Alot different from the original Minecraft. Due to it's High RPG Elements.
  • Parties And Guilds System. You can make Parties! You can Make Guilds And Claim Land for your own! Or maybe take another guilds Land with War!
  • Currency System. There is a Few Shops in The Starting town that deals basic weaponry / Armor. Wooden tools. And Resources ( Dirt, Sand, Wooden Planks, Cobblestone ) . you can get 1 stack of any for 1000 gems. Also The Resource vendors buy gold ingots for 1000 gems! You can get gold ingots from events / rare drops / Monster Hunt!
  • Heavy Game Balancing. I Am tweaking the server everyday, at any sign of imbalance. Hoping to stabilize the PvP with all the RPG Elements implemented!
  • Open World PvP, Watch your backs because Open World PvP is nothing to bellitle! PK'ing someone gives you a chance to steal their gems along with their items, but lowers your reputation.
  • All this and More To Come! ( Hoping to implement Quests and Puzzle Dungeons Soon )